torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Here are some new sketches. While I am working with the children's book, new ideas come up and things I want to redo, delete or add. It's fun but a bit difficult to make the choices. Soon I'll start painting these pictures, it's a little bit nervous, but will be fun to see!

6 kommentarer:

Mola-mo sa...

Hei again:). I wounder if you paint directly on your drawings and on paper? What paper do you use? I am looking forward to see how it will become. Good luck!


pRiyA sa...

Wonderful drawings!

Veja cecilia sa...

vad fint det ser ut!

diana sa...

jättefina bilder! måste ha en kpia när den kommer ut. du är så duktig! kram

Fideli Sundqvist sa...

Tack snälla!
Mola-mo – I am not painting directly on the drawings, I trace them on new sheet of paper. I usually paint on plain sheet of paper, but I think it would be better on thicker paper that is made for painting. I think I'll start with it, because the paintings I have done is a bit dented.

Pia Johansson sa...

Superfina, roligt att se illustrationer som är så genomarbetad, det ser ambitiöst ut.