onsdag 28 juli 2010

And home again. So far it has been a very very good summer, filled with beautiful places and experiences! Now I have started to work with my children's book and it feels very fun and very difficult too. It is nice to listen to a lot of crime audio books while I work.

5 kommentarer:

la_sale_bete sa...

Wow, what an awesome workspace! I often like to have crime tv shows playing in the background while I work. Sometimes I zone out and look over and the crime is already solved!

pRiyA sa...

The black and white illustrations look good enough to be published as they are. Lovely!

Cheryl sa...

Ohhhhh! I hope I can get one of your books when they get published. Congrats on winning the contest. Love your workspace...good vibe.

Mola-mo sa...

Congratulation with the book contest- it is just soo great!. The story about the dog look so nice. I love the expression and hope to buy your book. And it is so nice that you are back writing on the blog:)Have good creative days!


Fideli Sundqvist sa...

Thank you very much, your words make me so happy!