tisdag 31 januari 2012

Cut cut cuteli cut cut!

onsdag 25 januari 2012

Wild strawberries and milk. Maybe someone can think of any song in case you look what is reflected in the shine...

tisdag 24 januari 2012

Last week my brother moved to Beijing. This weekend they celebrated the New Year. It is hard to believe that the distance is so long, an entire globe is between!

tisdag 17 januari 2012

Lion got his blonde dream but don't know jet if they are happy together..
A new yellow friend to a new story. But the little blue one has too short legs and will not be able to run on all future adventures so now he's going into surgery.

måndag 16 januari 2012

Here is a mixture of two pictures I did last summer.
I'll start with a big 3D paper project and now I'm making myself ready ... it will be exciting, it all comes presented in an exhibition this spring, but as always it's a bit hard to start. Now I sit at my desk and have stocked up with good radio programs and mp3 books.

söndag 15 januari 2012

Last Thursday it was the released for my stamps. I signed and meet a lots of stamp collectors from all over Sweden. I got the feeling of my old "rock star dream" live for a few hours and it suited me well :)

onsdag 11 januari 2012

I have started a small illustration projects and here is some "process" / "sketch" pictures from it, I do not really know where it lands, but it feels great to be back behind the desk again.
Tomorrow it is release of my stamp here in Sweden! If you may pass the Postal Museum here in Stockholm, you are very welcome, I sit and sign :)

måndag 2 januari 2012