lördag 16 januari 2010

Today I am at home making a lot of food and cutting out in paper, a glorious day, and my orchid is flowering as never before! My plan is to send the paper cut to a competition. I have never be attending in a competiton before, but may be this time. Before christmas, we had a work in school, to study a manifest of an artist/architect... and I looked at Bruce Mau's "Incomplete manifesto for growth" – I love it, but he is telling "Don't enter awards competitions. Just don't. It's not good for you." And may be he's right...
Tomorrow, me and Richard will be document our works with our new camera(so fun!) so we can make our portfolies.

Listen at this–its moves!
Look at this beautiful dools!

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Jag älskar att skära i papper! Och det där ser galet snyggt ut!

Working in a legend sa...

lycka till med tävlingen! du är bäst!

Dolores sa...

great work - and concerning the competition - hard to say - I am an architect and in this branch competititons are pretty popular and some of the younger ones make a living out of it. But very often the winner just gets some money, but #2 or 3 is getting the work - so there is something in Bruce Mau´s advice. But for graphic design and illustration I think you get a good push concerning public relations...even if you do not win, maybe you get into a booklet or into a exhibition...so I would say its worth a try - and YOUR work is really incredible!!!!
good luck!