onsdag 30 maj 2012

tva_bilder_blog This is some of what I've been doing lately. What it is for and what kind of stuff it is, I can show you the next weekend ... Tomorrow I'm going to my brother in Beijing! Unbelievable and amazing, so if you have any tips on what to do or where I can find great bookstores, paper cuts and embroidery, I'd be happy if you send me a mail :) All the best so far!

3 kommentarer:

Amanda Rodriguez sa...

Wow Fideli, jag såg precis ditt jobb i senaste Papier Mache, så vackert! Duktig du är.
Åh så härligt med Beijng, ha det underbart!


Kickcan & Conkers sa...

Amazing Fideli! Have a great trip!

Fideli sa...

Tack! Nu är jag hemma igen och la precis upp bilderna även här :)
Thanxx @--))---