måndag 12 mars 2012

When I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, I was in a very beautiful exhibition with book design. I can recommend it for those who are passing by. I was also inside one of the greatest shops I've been, so much nice and inspiring stuff. Sad I have no picture from there. You went into a room and in to another room and another and up on the staircase and the fine stuff never ceased to appear. I went and said "wow wohoa wow" enthusiastically for myself :) The Frozen Fountain is the name of thhe store anyway. Another Dutch store that only exists on the www is the nice webshop Nils & Olle.
They have begun to sell these posters and a couple more designs from the "Tilly & Gul" serie and some of my paper cuts. They sell Scandinavian interior and lifestyle products from young designers and small brands.

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céline sa...

How wonderfull that they sell your stuff! And thank you for the link. Hope you had a nice time in Amsterdam;-)