onsdag 5 oktober 2011

Yesterday I came home from England, it was a really nice trip, the trees was autumn, but the air was warm like summer. I lugged around on my camera all the time ready to shoot all possible fine red-yellow-green-trees. But now that I would blog and connect with this paper cut I did today, I realized that I have not photographed a picture which is not my family and also all the photos taken indoors, can't belive! :)
But anyway, I made this motif for exactly four years ago, and I thought about it on the airplane yesterday. I have not found it anywhere at home or on the computer so I did it again instead. This song was one of my favorter as a teenager.

4 kommentarer:

marie-louise sa...

Fint Sudde:)

Flora sa...

Glad you visited England during our lovely weather, it's all cold and windy again now.

Your papercut is beautiful - which song are the lyrics from?

Pia Johansson sa...

Väldigt fin!

Fideli sa...

It is so cold here in Sweden too, almost winter! The lyrics is from "You are the roots that sleep..." by Bright Eyes, do you know them?