onsdag 25 maj 2011

My bachelor project is finally finished, it feels so wonderful, it has been the most stressful time in my life, but very fun too! The project is a children's book with illustrations made of folding paper. The story is called "Tilly and Gul, an adventure at sea!".
The exhibition at Konstfack will run until this Sunday, welcome! If you want to see more pictures from the book, you can look at my flickr or my website. Me and my good friend Malin ( she is one of my absolute favorite illustrator ) share a room, check out her stuff. She has made ​​a children's book about a few cones. See the picture og the book cover above!

17 kommentarer:

la_sale_bete sa...

Congratulations on finishing your project! Your work is really beautiful. The book illustrations look like they turned out great.

Kickcan and Conkers sa...

Everything looks beautiful - well done!

Saga sa...

Hurra vad bra och fint och heja!

iwishihadtaste sa...

I kept looking at the pictures and going "NO. NO. NO. This is amazing; how could she have done all this on her own?" Congrats! The craftsmanship looks superb, and I kept smiling while scrolling down.

Xavier Salomó sa...

Really wonderful work

Malin Koort sa...

Har hängt upp våra vykort på lilla tvättlinan, utställningen fortsätter här hemma hos mig, i mindre skala <3!

Kickcan and Conkers sa...

You should be proud of yourself :-)
A small post over at K&C:


sandra sa...

wow fideli, det ser helt underbart fantastiskt ut! grattis! hoppas du får en massa vila nu.

Anonym sa...

Wow, det er så fint at jeg får tårer i øjnene!

pien-duzz sa...

that is wonderful

inge sa...

o waw, it's really fantastic!

Fideli sa...

Thank you very much, you make me so happy!
Tusen tack! ja nu ska här vilas, så himla skönt! Trevlig sommar!

Linn [Lajn] sa...

Vilka underbara bilder! Har aldrig sett någon göra så här fina och söta saker utav papper, det måste vara mycket jobb! Men ett fantastiskt resultat!

cara sa...

oh my gosh, this is the greatest thing i have seen in a long long time! how much patience you must have! well done on all the hard work :)

Bob Logan sa...

Beautiful work!

Sonia Sentic sa...

Lovely ! i dream I'm a child ! :)

Agata sa...

Wooooowwww it is so beautiful! I just have to write about you on my blog ;-)
I wish you all the best!