torsdag 24 februari 2011

This week I have lived on Gotland in my parents summer house. It is a desolate and beautiful snowy landscape, but so cold! Most of the time I sit in the car and pretend I am out there. I have never seen the sea in winter before, and it was almost more powerful than I expected. These lighthouses are my favorite places on earth. Tomorrow I go back to Stockholm and back in business again :) it feels great because I have find out what I will do for my bachelor project, thanks Gotland and a big hug to the lighthouse of Närsholmen!

4 kommentarer:

marie-louise sa...

Hur fint är det inte. Den här vintern slår alla rekord:)

Anonym sa...

Nästan så en längtar till vintern! (Fast bara nästan!) :)

Jasmine Mirra sa...

These picture makes me want to go to Sweden even more!

Eimhin sa...

Amazing cold looking things!