lördag 13 november 2010

Today I have started to decorate my small bowls. I also do a Christmas coffee set for my home. Working in this way is the best I know!

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Helmi sa...

beautiful, I made something like this to. Good luck with your Graphic design study.
grt, Helmi

la_sale_bete sa...

wow, these are really pretty!

cancersvulst sa...

wow vad fina Fideli!

Patricia Veltri sa...

oohh they are so pretty
i would love to buy one..
are you going to sell them also?
if yes please let me know

karine {Pieni} sa...


Anonym sa...

LOVE your style!
And Blog ;o)

Fideli Sundqvist sa...

Thank you very much!

Fideli Sundqvist sa...

And Patricia Veltri - I will sell some of them in my webshop soon, I can tell you when they are ready!